Another Hawaiian Humane Society foster success! It was bitter sweet letting these ladies go but they were prepared and ready to get on with their new life. We assisted with the placement of the girls in forever homes. 

NOLA enjoying another Hawaiian Humane Society foster baby. This 3 month old little guy will be ready for adoption later this month. 

Jade and his brother Popcorn were nonstop entertainment. 

Really enjoyed farm sitting this bunch! One week of hard work, lots of fun, and getting stinky and dirty was amazing. Looking forward to doing more work with these guys in the future. 

Enjoyed my time with the Ewa Beach crew, 5 cats and 1 dog. We had a ton of fun!

Walking these two giants was easier than I thought. I enjoyed everything, drool kisses and all. 

Meet Einstein, another beautiful Hawaii Humane Society Foster hanging out with NOLA to gain some weight before being put up for adoption. Remember to always consider adoption first. 

The best personal trainer in the world, Angel! Enjoyed hanging out and pet sitting this beautiful little girl for two nights while her mommy took a last minute business trip. 

Helping out some friends at Equine 808 rescue for the weekend. 

Rico was a really chill little guy that we got to board for 2 months. We enjoyed the challenge of keeping up with him as he rolled around the yard in his ball. He became a rescue and we found a nice home for him in Oklahoma with a military family.

Jaxson was one of the first puppies we accepted for boarding and we had a blast!

Marmaduke was a puppy we fostered from the Hawaii Humane Society for a week as he recovered from a leg injury. Marmaduke adored our dog Makana just as Wa'a did. 

Auli'i and Ikaika were a fun father and son that we had the opportunity to dog-sit for a week. 

Wa'a was a very energetic 8 week old puppy that spent 1 week with the crew, specifically Makana.

I call these two Frick and Frack but their real names are Otis (L) and Cash (R ). These boys are always a blast to petsit! Walks are the best. Love you guys and can't wait for your parents next vacation.

Buddy has to go down in history as the best cat ever! Throughout our pet sitting period we enjoyed the nonstop snuggle sessions.

Enjoying our week with brothers and sisters Chip, Dale, Newbie, and Sunny. They are a blast to have flying around the house and enjoying the dog kennel jungle gym. 

Boxed over the weekend with this handsome little guy name Maka. The gang enjoyed him also for a little game of "puppy" in the middle! 

NOLA had the opportunity to board little Miss Olivia Memorial Day weekend. We had a blast!

NOLA is once again lending a hand to the Hawaiian Humane Society fostering this baby and his mom. They will both be ready for adoption in a month or so (April 2016).

Selfie with daisy before our walk. 

Hazel is all ready for transport to her vet appointment