In Your Home ​Overnight Pet Sitting


​Dependable, loving care for all animals in the comfort of their own homes. We offer a combination of pet sitting and house sitting for added peace of mind when you travel. Services are customizable and tailored to the needs of your pets. Additional fees may apply for multiple pets. Please contact us today for a quote 808-681-2869!

Parrot, Reptile/Amphibian, and Small Mammal Boarding


​We offer quality boarding, husbandry and hygiene service for your exotic pets. Exotic animal care and husbandry is Tasia's specialty. While with us, we cater for all your pets needs, offering multiple socialization sessions, supervised exercise in an enclosed space (WE NEVER MIX ANIMALS), and attention to detail using daily feeding/activity charts. We also make accommodations for animals requiring species specific temperature ranges and specialized diets. Services are customizable and tailored to the needs of your pets. We also have a limited amount of animal cages available on site. Please contact us today for a quote 808-681-2869!






Please submit detailed information about the pet (s) requiring services and the services you are in need of. Provide a working call back number and the best time of day to reach you at that number. Someone from NOLA will be in touch with you within 72hrs or less. Thank you. 

Animal Type


Farm and Ranch Sitting (Horse, Pig, Chicken, Sheep, Cow, Goat)


​Pricing is determined by the labor required and by animal species, as different animals have different needs.  Our services are custom tailored to each individual farm/ranch. We need to tour the farm/ranch performing a walk thru of duties to determine pricing. Please contact us today for a quote 808-681-2869!

Visit Length

Additional Policies and Service Fees:​​

  • ​Locations outside of Central Oahu- Petsitting performed outside Central Oahu locations require an additional location fee of $10 per day (Including North Shore, Windward, Honolulu town, East Oahu, Ewa Beach, Waianae)
  • Administering any medication- Additional $5 per day
  • House Services Package (bringing in the mail or newspaper, watering house plants, turning lights on and off, adjusting the temperature of the home, taking out trash, etc)- Additional $5 per day
  • All new clients must pay a $15 non refundable fee upfront for initial meet and greet session
  • Any cancellations of scheduled meeting, day and time, will be a $15 rescheduling fee. Fee must be paid before a new date and time is scheduled
  • Reservation Deposit- A $25 fee is due at the time of reservation to hold your dates. The $25 fee will be added to your final bill.
  • Last minute reservations (anything less than 7 days notice) can be made with a $30 non refundable fee.
  • All meetings for collecting keys and signing contracts need to be done a minimum of 3 days prior to your departure. If done 1 or two days before you departure, a $25 non refundable fee will be charged.
  • All balances under $400 are due in full at the time of contract signing and key collection (3 days prior to your departure)
  • Petsitting for all dogs 12 months old or younger is an additional $10 per day. Puppies require more attention, frequent potty breaks, and more cleaning due to accidents, mischief, etc.

  • Clients are responsible for reimbursing or replacing any of the pet sitters items destroyed by your pet during the pet sitting period (clothes, shoes, accessories, phone, watch, hats, etc)

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Holiday Rate*

Daily Rate

1x 30 min

2x 30 min

3x 30 min

Holiday Rate*

Daily Rate



$25-$50/day (depending on size and number of birds)




Mid-day Check-in/Dog Walking (dogs, cats, birds, exotic animals)

Visit to your home to socialize, feed, administer medication, provide fresh water, provide quick potty break, provide a 20 minute walk if needed, and clean litter box and/or cage.

3 hours

4-8 hours





Small Mammals



Visit Length

Daily Rate

Number of Visits

Hawaii GE Taxes will be applied to all prices listed above

Hourly Rate

1-7 days

8-14 days


22 days or more

In Your Home Hourly Pet Sitting


We offer hourly pet sitting to accommodate puppies, senior pets, dogs who may be kenneled, pets who suffer from separation anxiety, and pets on medication. We have a 3 hour minimum and a 10 hour maximum. Any care needed over 10 hours, refer to overnight pet sitting.