2 Lady Pig Farm:

Thank you to Tasia & Ulu from Nola Pet Service!  We've never had anyone farm sit for us before so where very reluctant to do so.  After talking to Tasia, looking at their website & reviews, and meeting them, we decided to give them a try.  We were pleasantly surprised at how well they interacted with our animals, how fast they learned our routine, and how hard they were willing to work.  

We are a medium sized commercial pig farm with several other animals - 7 dogs, 15+ cats, 25+ ducks, 15+ chickens, and a bird.  One of our dogs is a biter and we were going to have him boarded.  Tasia said to allow them to meet him first.  Due to their confident, yet calm, manner, our ferocious dog took to them extremely fast.  The meeting went well and they had no problem keeping him on the farm under their care.

Tasia & Ulu came out to our farm 3 times prior to sitting.  By the second time, they were doing most of the work of the daily routine.  They wanted to make sure they had everything down correctly before we left.  They gave us such a good impression that we didn't even worry about the farm while we were on our trip.

While on our trip, they would give us daily updates.  If they needed to know something, they weren't afraid to call and ask.  

Our flight home was delayed and they were willing to stay longer and make sure all of our animals' needs were met.

We highly recommend Nola Pet Service - they are awesome.  They are very professional and their love & passion for animals, from the little bird to the largest pig, is evident.  Their prices are extremely reasonable.  We will definitely be utilizing their services again in the future!