Location Fee: Pet sitting performed outside of Ewa Beach, Waipahu, and Kapolei, requires an additional location fee of $10 per day (Including Mililani, North Shore, Windward Oahu, Honolulu, East Oahu, West Oahu (Anything past Kapolei)

 Overnight Pet Sitting-$75/Day (Base Rate)

Mid-Day Visit:

30 min- $25

60 min- $35

Additional fee of $25 for services performed on holiday.

Farm and Ranch Sitting (Horse, Pig, Chicken, Sheep, Cow, Goat)


Our services are custom tailored to each individual farm/ranch needs. ​Rate is determined by the labor required and by animal species, as different animals have different needs.  In order to give an accurate quote, we would need to tour the farm/ranch performing a walk thru of duties to determine rate. Please contact us today for a quote 808-681-2869!

In Your Home ​Overnight Pet Sitting


​Dependable, loving care for all animals in the comfort of their own homes. We offer a combination of pet sitting and house sitting for added peace of mind when you travel. Overnight services include  overnight pet sitting and morning routine. An additional mid-day visit can be arranged. Base rate includes 1 pet per household. For additional dogs, their is a fee of $5 per pet. For additional cats and exotic animals, their is a fee of $3 per pet. Pets with special needs may incur additional fees (young pets, old pets, pets with special medical needs). 

Hawaii GE Taxes will be applied to all prices listed above

Due to a recent rise in fuel prices some fees have change. 

1 x 30 min Visit - $25/Day


2x 30 min Visit - $50/Day


3 x 30 min Visit - $75/Day


1 x 60 min Visit - $35/Day

2 x 60 min Visit - $70/ Day

3 x 60 min Visit - $105/Day

Additional Fee of $25 per day for services performed on holidays.




Mid-day Check-in (Dog, Cat, Bird, Bunny , Fish, Chameleon, etc)

Visit to your home to socialize, feed, administer medication, provide fresh water, provide quick potty break, and clean litter box and/or cage. Base rate includes 3 pets per household. For additional pets, their is a fee of $5 per pet. We provide a maximum of 2 visits per day for exotic pets and cats and 3 visits per day for dogs and special needs animals.